Shopping Guides
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Getting Started

Member Login
  1. To start shopping, please visit our Cosway website:
  2. Click on    to start shopping.

  3. Please log in as member to enjoy member’s exclusive price.
    a. Key In your Member ID.
    b. Key in your Password.
    c. Then, click .

    If you are not a member
    Please click Shop as Guest.

    To join as a member, just click Register as Member. (Click here to view the member registration flow.)

    Product Selection

  4. Searching for products according to your needs.

  5. Browsing for products.

    View Product Info

  6. Selecting your residing region.

  7. Checking product information and price

  8. Once you have clicked “Add to Cart”, a message will pop up to show your product(s) have been added.

  9. View Cart

  10. To trace the product(s) in your shopping cart, you can click on located at the top right corner.

Purchase more items
& get further discounts
Free item(s) with purchase Purchase with purchase Redemption item(s)

Shopping Tips

Shopping for promotional items

If you see the  tag next to the price, do mouse over on the promo flag tag to view the promotion offered.

       Promo 1: Purchase more items and get further discount

  1. Mousing over on the Promo tag and clicking on the Purchase More Items and Get Further Discount will bring up a list of promotional products.

  2. Selecting the quantity and discount item needed.

  3. Once you have clicked “Add to Cart”, a message will pop up to show your item(s) have been added.

       Promo 2 : Promotion Sets

  1. View product info

  2. Select product quantity

       Promo 3 : Purchase with purchase (PWP)

  1. If you meet the minimum required purchase amount, system will prompt an information box to inform you are entitled the PWP promotion when click at “Checkout” button.

    For example: If your purchase is RM65.05, you are entitled to select maximum up to 1 units from the “PWP with every RM30.00 spent in a single receipt”.

  2. The PWP promotions will pop up for your selection. Please select item from “Discount Item” and click “confirm”. It will then be added to your “Order Summary”; click “Add to Cart”.

    Note :
    The PWP purchase quantity limit is subject to the invoice amount (terms & conditions apply).

  3. Once you have clicked “Add to Cart”, a message will pop up to show your item(s) have been added.

       Shop for Redemption item

  1. You may check for redemption items under Home & Living category. You will see the redemption price selection at the price type drop down list if the product is available for redemption promotion.

  2. Once you have successfully added your items to cart and completed your order, your utilised eRC will be deducted from your account.
    For example : if you select Redeem for Free, 20 eRC will be deducted from your eRC balance. If you select redeem by eRC – RM16.90 + 8 eRC, 8 eRC will be deducted and you only pay a special price of RM16.90.

Complete Order

  Checkout & Payment

  1. When you are ready to finalise your order, click "Checkout" and proceed to pay for your selected product(s) in the cart.

  2. Filling up necessary information at the checkout page

    (a) Select to collect the parcel yourself or assign a representative; and select your preference store to pick up your order.

    (b) Filling up the collector’s information accurately.  

    (c) Keying in complete info or verifying the details.

  3. (d) Confirming the information by clicking on Proceed.

  4. Payment gateway

    (a) Credit / Debit card

    (b) Other online payment methods

Pick up from COSWAY Store

  1. If payment is successful, you will be directed to online Order Tax Invoice page. Please print it for record keeping. You will also receive a confirmation email.

    You should receive the “ready for pick up” call from our Store Operator within 3 to 5 working days. However, it may take longer as certain products are unavailable or not kept at the store.