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Go to, or log on via the unique URL link shared to you by your sponsor (example: The S123456 at the back of the URL is a member ID sample. Then, click Join Us at the top right corner of our website.

       Choose your option to:

               Sign up as Cosway member with RM50 or;
               Sign up as Cosway member with 500 BPoints.


  1. Pay to Register
    After clicking ‘Sign up Now for RM50 only’, you will be redirected to registration page to fill up the necessary information.

  2. Register with 500 BPoints:
    a) After clicking ‘Sign Up with 500 BPoints’, you will be redirected to fill up your B Infinite card number and 6-digit B Infinite PIN for verification.

    b) Click ‘Next’ to proceed to registration page or click ‘Close’ to return to previous page.

       Step 2: Indicate your SPONSOR

       If you access the website with your sponsor’s Unique URL link, your sponsor’s member ID will automatically appear at the Sponsor ID field.


       Step 3: Fill out the Member registration form

  1. Fill in your details accurately from Step 1 to 7.

  2. Your next renewal date will be based on your birth month; please ensure you key in the correct information.

  3. Mobile number is is necessary to receive the OTP number for authentication purpose when performing certain transactions. Please ensure you have keyed in accurate and valid mobile number because amendments can only be done by Business Support team.

  4. Your new Cosway Member ID and password and any correspondence about your account will go to this email address; please ensure you key in the correct information.

  5. The company will send out updates via email from time to time. Checking the box below will enable you to receive news and updates from Cosway. If you prefer not to receive any messages, please uncheck the box below.

  6. Set your password. This password will be required when logging in to your Online Office and Online Store.

  7. Check the box if you have read, understand and agree to abide by the Cosway Membership Terms & Conditions.


Step 4: Collect your Starter Kit
Once the registration is done, you may collect your FREE Starter Kit from any Cosway Sales Centre.

Step 5: Payment via Visa/Master Credit Card, Debit Card or FPX.

Step 6: Tax Invoice Detail

Check the box if it follows the profile information. Otherwise, fill in new information if the tax invoice is different from the profile details. Then, print the tax invoice.

Step 7: Confirm the payment information

Enter your B Infinite number here. BPoints will be accumulated to the registered B Infinite under your member ID.
Then, check and confirm the correct total amount to pay and then click Submit to proceed.

For registration via BPoints, deduction of 500 BPoints will be displayed at ‘Payment Summary’. B Infinite number keyed in during verification will be linked to your member ID.

Once submitted, a system alert message will pop up like the following.

Please ensure that your browser's pop-up blocker is turned off. DO NOT press "F5", click "REFRESH", "BACK" or "STOP" buttons during the payment process. DO NOT close any browser window until confirmation screen is displayed.

Step 8: Payment
(Skip to Step 9 if you are signing up with BPoints)

Payment gateway page

  1. Credit / Debit card

  2. Other online payment methods

Step 9: Payment
If payment is successful, you will be directed to the online Registration Tax Invoice page. Please print it for record keeping. You will also receive a confirmation email.