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Shipping Guide

Shop essentials from the comfort of your home and have them delivered for FREE from 3 April – 29 May 2020.

  1. Select Home Delivery option at the checkout page, and choose to have your order shipped to your current shipping address book or to a new address.

    * Delivery to East Malaysia commences after Movement Control Order period.

  2. Online delivery order is limited to a maximum of 3 units per individual product code/ smart pack / promotion set code in a single receipt

    0898 Bathroom Cleaner
    Member price RM11.90/ RM12.90 E [N] eV: 1.7
    Now RM10.50/ RM11.50 E [P] eV: 0.8
    Set code 0898S4: BUY 3 FREE 1 [S] eV: 1.0

    You can purchase maximum of 3 units per individual product code 0898 at Member price or Now price
    AND/ OR you can also purchase set code 0898S4 (B3F1) up to 3 sets

    Example B:
    08116 Concentrated Liquid Detergent
    Member Price RM18.90/ RM19.90 E [N] eV: 2
    Now RM16.50/ RM17.50 E [P]eV: 1.2
    2nd at eM12.00/ RM13.00 E [S] eV: 0.4

    You can purchase maximum of 3 sets on product code 08116 at 1st and 2nd unit, total 6 units.

  3. Voucher utilisation (e.g. birthday voucher) is allowed for online purchase. However, free delivery only applies if the value of the voucher has been deducted from the RM300 and above nett purchase. Only 1 type of voucher and no combination of different vouchers are allowed in each online transaction,

    e.g. You purchase N and T category of products at RM200 (after deducting birthday voucher worth RM100, the nett amount is RM100), then you combine the purchase with other promotion category (P, S, V, B, M) at RM250. Your total nett invoice is RM350 (RM100 + RM250) and you are eligible for free delivery.

  4. Free delivery is applicable for all products except redemption from The Great Redemption 2020-2021 catalogue and Knockdown Deals.

  5. For purchase orders below RM300 nett, a delivery charge of RM10 applies.

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