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Shopping Guides

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Getting Started

Member Login
  1. Visit our website:

  2. Log in by following the steps below:
    a. Key in your Member ID and password.
    b. Key in your Member ID ONLY. (eRC / voucher / birthday voucher and certain features disallowed. Will disable if login by this)

    Then, click .

  3. To join as a member, click . (Click here to view the registration guideline.)

Product Selection

  1. Search for product(s) according to your needs.

  2. Browse available products from the searching list.

  3. Browse by clicking the product category.

View Product Info
  1. Filter or search the products by using the features below, and then click the product you wish to purchase.

  2. Select West Malaysia or East Malaysia. The product price shown will be different based on region selected.

  3. Your selected residing region will be displayed besides the “View Cart” icon. You can change your residing region by clicking the icon.

  4. Check product information and price.

  5. A pop-up message will appear to indicate that your item(s) has been added.

Share and Wish List

-- Share --

  1. You can share the product(s) to your friends and family by clicking (member exclusive).

  2. Click from the prompt box and share to your friends and family.

-- Wish List --

  1. You can click to add your preferred product(s) to wish list(member exclusive).

  2. You can view your wish list by clicking “HELLO” and click “My Wish List”.

  3. You can view the product(s) from the wish list or edit it based on your decision.

View Cart

  1. To trace product(s) in your shopping cart, you can click on located at the top right corner.

  2. Modify your product(s) in cart if you wish to add on to it or remove.

Shop for Promotional Items Purchase with Purchase (PWP) Gift with Purchase: Free Item Promotion (GWP) Shop for Redemption Items

Shopping Tips

Shop for Promotional Items

1. Mouse over to “Special Offers”, and then click “Promotion”.

2. View product info.

3. Select product quantity.

 Purchase with Purchase (PWP)     

 Purchase with Purchase by Total Invoice

  1. Fulfil the following requirements to be eligible for the PWP promotion upon checking out:

    1. Meet the required minimum purchase amount.

      For example:
      Promotion mechanic: PWP with every RM30.00 spent in a single receipt
      If your purchase amount is RM30.00*, you are entitled to select a maximum of up to 3 units.

      * the minimum purchase requirement may vary, depending on promotions terms and conditions.

  2. Select the PWP that you wish to purchase.

  3. The PWP promotions page will appear for selection. Please select from “Discount Item” and click “Confirm”. It will then be added to your “Order Summary”; click “Add to Cart”.

    Note : The PWP purchase quantity limit is subject to invoice amount (terms & conditions apply).

  4. A pop-up message will appear to indicate that your item(s) has been added.

 Purchase with Purchase by Product

  1. Click the “Promotion” (e.g: Buy More, Get More Discounts) label at product page.

  2. Click the “Promotion” button.

  3. Choose your item(s) based on promotion description. Then, click “Add to Cart” to proceed.

  4. A pop-up message will appear to indicate that your item(s) has been added.

Gift with Purchase: Free item promotion (GWP)

  1. If your purchase amount meets the requirement of GWP promotion, a promotional window will pop-up when you click the “Checkout” button. Select your free item(s) and click “Add To Cart” to continue.

  2. You will be eligible for PWP as well if your purchase amount meets the requirement.

Shop for Redemption Items

  1. You may check out redemption items at Home & Living category. You will see the redemption price selection at the price type drop down list if the product is available for redemption promotion.

  2. Once you have successfully added your items to cart and completed your order, your utilised eRC will be deducted from your account

    For example : if you select “Free [RF] = RM0.00 + 38eRC”, 38 eRC will be deducted from your eRC balance. If you select “Redeem with eRC [RA] – RM27.90 + 15eRC” , 15 eRC will be deducted and you only pay a special price of RM27.90.

Complete Order

Checkout & Payment

  1. Select your delivery method, then click .

    *For guest user, click here to read the registration guideline.

Delivery Option

(a) Home Delivery

  1. Select your shipping address from address book or ship to a new address.

  2. Fill out the delivery information accurately.

  3. Select your preferred shop if any, or skip this step. Click .

(b) Self Collect / Collection by Representative

  1. Select your pick-up store information and fill in collector’s information.

    Payment Methods

    1. Select your payment method.

      Note: [Other payment option(s)] option will be unavailable if you log in without keying in the password.

      i. Verify the details and then click “Proceed” to continue payment.

    2. ii. System will prompt an alert box; please read the instruction and click “OK” to continue.

      iii. Payment Gateway

      (a) Credit / Debit card

      (b) Other online payment options


  1. If payment is successful, you will be redirected to online order invoice page. Rate us and then click “Submit” to continue.

    Please print it for record keeping. You will also receive a confirmation email.

    For shoppers who select [Self Collect] or [Collection by Representative], you should receive the “ready for pick-up” call from our Store Operator within 3 to 5 working days. However, it may take longer as certain products are unavailable or not kept at the store.