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Generate a second income or own a business, the smarter way


Cosway provides not only savings advantage, but also income generating opportunities. Product satisfaction begets positive response; that is why our members instinctively share their experience with family and friends – drawing in more Cosway brand users and endorsers. To enjoy various income opportunities, you can start off by introducing anyone to Cosway and its products, get more people onboard our smart consumer train and gradually build up a network of smart earners. All these are remunerated accordingly and if you are passionate about the business, we will provide you the keys to unlock unlimited income for yourself and your family.

Do only 3 thing​s

Use our products

Introduce our products to others

Introduce new members

Enjoy the rewards

Be your own boss the smarter way

Cosway has grown from strength to strength to better serve and care for our smart consumers. With our revolutionary hybrid business model which combines the best of marketing and the convenient reach of an extensive retail chain, we help you run your own business the easier way. You can be your own boss and attain greater success by leveraging on our proven business model.


The quality of Cosway products speaks for themselves and our unique business model works effortlessly so you can start earning income right away. All you have to do is share your smart consumer experience and get people to join us. Once they start loving our products, you will start reaping the rewards. Put in a consistent effort and your network and income potential will grow, while you benefit from the power of multiplication. With our no-breakaway plan, you get to enjoy an endless stream of income. Years from now, you could be earning from people you do not know, living far away from where you are.


What further sets us apart is that our membership is not rank or title-driven because we believe everyone is equal and that rewards should be based on individual merit. Therefore, the amount of effort you put in to keep your business thriving will be duly reciprocated.